Ultimate / Ultimate Titan
Ultimate / Ultimate Titan / all-round mill

DescriptionUltimate X-Metal brushed
Price170,00 EUR
DescriptionUltimate X-Metal polished
Price170,00 EUR
DescriptionUltimate Titan brushed
Price200,00 EUR
DescriptionUltimate Titan polished
Price200,00 EUR
DescriptionUltimate Replacement glass brushed
Price17,90 EUR
DescriptionUltimate Replacement glass polished
Price17,90 EUR


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For some years now we have repeatedly felt drawn to the task of bringing the ideal grinder to market, a tool for the kitchen which simply makes all the others look a bit old. We then teamed up with Akantus to tackle this project:
- One mill for everything, for pepper, salt, coffee, sugar, chilies, spice mixes, for anything and everything that a grinder mechanism can get stuck into - a true all-purpose mill, a kind of mortar amongst mills.
- Absolutely rustproof grinding mechanisms made of surgical grade stainless steel, the "X-Metal" and of solid titanium (this is not just a coating!). In the case of the ULTIMATE Titan the axle bearings and grinding mechanism mounting are in a red design, and for the "X-Metal" version they are in black.
- The concept of an open mill means that in the kitchen it's always filled with what is to be used then and there so that the mill is then empty again when it gets put back on the shelf, having ground away everything that was put into it. You therefore always have really fresh spices in your food, so you can easily use and try out what is nowadays a fantastic selection of unusual types of peppers and other spices.
- A glass storage container which screws on to the bottom, and which is made from genuine hygienic glass, to cater for larger quantities of spice mixtures or for coffee, or just so as not to have to grind directly into the saucepan, which always has the disadvantage that hot steam and fat can make the grinding mechanism and the mill dirty. Grind directly into the glass and then put the contents into the pan - this means that you can also monitor the quantity more precisely.
- An inset transparent lid which always allows you to see how much there is left to grind. It prevents the ingredients that are to be ground from being ejected from the grinder during grinding, and on the other hand it is shaped so that it can be refilled without having to be taken off.
- A stainless steel handle for powerful grinding that has a removable walnut head which is magnetically secured in place and therefore mounted in a wear-free and low-friction manner.
- A ratcheted mechanism for adjusting the grinding level which is situated near the top between the lid and the handle and is always accessible without having to get one's fingers in the spices.
- A spindle in a technically perfect mounting of two almost frictionless stainless steel bearing races for powering the grinding mechanism, so only the ingredients that are to be ground really provide any resistance.
- A mill that due to its overall design and the materials used can also be washed in the dishwasher. However, for cleaning the grinding mechanism we recommend simply grinding a small quantity of rice. The rice provides the best possible cleaning of the grinding mechanism and also neutralises any odours.
You have to sense the wealth of technical details, and you simply have to experience the grinding mechanism. It feels a bit like if the two best sports car manufacturers in Europe were to construct a sports car together. We ourselves are still quite fascinated, and in our opinion we have achieved our goal. Nomen est omen!
The Ultimate mills are supplied with a second glass storage container that has a stainless steel lid. This glass container is also available separately.
Made in Europe - Design: AKANTUS

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